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Angry Birds v1.5.1 76%

Angry Birds v1.5.1

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish company Rovio Mobile. Inspired by the above sketch stylized bird wings, the game was first released apples duties in December 2009. Since then, more than 12 million copies of the game was purchased from the Apple App Store, which led the company to design versions for other smartphones based on the touch screen, such as those with the Android operating system, among others.

The Impossible Game Level Pack v1.1.1 84%

The Impossible Game Level Pack v1.1.1

Two exciting new level in the game impossible. This level Package includes two brand new levels for the impossible game Chaoz Fantasy and the sky - each with a unique soundtrack! New features include inverse gravity, falling rocks and a changing environment <br> Game features:. Hint: Level Package includes two styles of new rates games.Include Impossible Chaoz Fantasy and games and the sky, every game has the distinction recently in dub music in the background!

Fruit Ninja HD v1.6.2.10 66%

Fruit Ninja HD v1.6.2.10

Ninja fruit worldwide hit is now on Android FREE <br> Ninja fruit is juicy action game with Squishy, ​​Splatt and satisfying fruits of carnage! Become a major carrier of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. <br> Drag your finger up the screen slash delicious fruit as a real ninja warrior. With three game modes for single player and around the world using charts Openfeint addictive game will get back to an even higher score <br> fruit Ninja offers three game modes packed -. Classic and new Zen Arcade, featuring enhancements, including freezing, Madness and Double score! The bonus section contains unlockable Dojo knives and background, and you can also unlock achievements and the scores to online leaderboards are Openfeint. <br> Fruit Ninja is the original and the best slasher in the Android!

Marble Maze - Reloaded v1.0.3.1 62% Marble Maze - Reloaded v1.0.3.1

Marble Maze - Reloaded v1.0.3.1

famous tilt-based maze game with a new simple, classic and harder level! <br> Famous tilt based Marble Maze maze game, with realistic physics, with over 2 million downloads at Symbian, is now available on Android, with features such as magnets and weapons! You can choose from different levels of packaging, including the easy level for children, classic standards for classical entertainment all openings maze levels, or more advanced level, with magnets and weapons! The trouble is the widest range you will find in this labyrinth game genre! You are sure to find levels that meet the best! All without GE, with the ad-sponsoring! More levels coming soon!

Crush the Castle v1.8 64% Crush the Castle v1.8

Crush the Castle v1.8

To Arms My Lord! Crush the castle is now available on Android. The king ordered to crush all resistance to his kingdom to survive. Unleash your trebuchet and crush the castle after castle, that destroys all its residents with an arsenal of missiles. Let the shredding begin!

Woolen Sheep HD Free v1.0.2 67% Woolen Sheep HD Free v1.0.2

Woolen Sheep HD Free v1.0.2

It's a great and wonderful world full of freedom and adventure. Anyone who wants to get there at least for a few minutes to make it look and feel. So our sheep, which were made of wool with love doing. It has become and wants to escape from his native pastures to find new worlds and unlimited freedom. But Shepherd is alert and is always ready to go back to sheep. You would surround <br> sheep hurdles (if you play mode Farmer), or try to escape the shepherds obstacles edge of the field (if you play mode, sheep) and get more points as you can be the first among other players with open feint <br > You like this amazing and exciting puzzle game <br> acteristics:.! <br> clear graphic <br>-many levels <br> open feint <br> -2 game modes

Nose Poking v1.03 73% Nose Poking v1.03

Nose Poking v1.03

dare you poke your nose? Look! I have a knife! He cut off his finger if you can not response fast enough! 1) Tap the screen to poke my nose. 2) Wait, my knife until I got angry. 3) Adjust your finger with a knife before I hurt you! It's simple, but addictive! The sooner you touch is that the higher you score. Show your ability to react by sending your score in our global ranking. Compete with friends to see who has the best reaction time! There are 6 results waiting for you to conquer! Have fun in this addictive game!

Big Bang Boom Free v1.0 55% Big Bang Boom Free v1.0

Big Bang Boom Free v1.0

The Big Bang Boom Galaxy will be the creator. Just click on the colored planets and drag your finger to draw a path to follow. Try to match all the planets of the same color and avoid collisions between planets with different color. To get more combo points.

PuzzleWars v1.04 58% PuzzleWars v1.04

PuzzleWars v1.04

Puzzle Wars is an exciting puzzle RPG, where the 2-block puzzle game and RPG orthodox great together. Features of 3D games are provided beautiful background Acter games and animation.

Mummy Unblock v1.11 76% Mummy Unblock v1.11

Mummy Unblock v1.11

Unlock Puzzle Mummies <br> the pyramids in Cairo, you enter the tomb, that no one come before the end of a long dark tunnel, there is a mummy in a small dark room, he looked like a mummy lost mummy of Pharaoh, you must move the mummy of the room, and show him to the world! <br> goal is to move the mummy of the room by moving other blocks on the road. <br> Vertical blocks can move vertically and horizontally to move the blocks horizontally. Six pack <br> problems and 5000 + unique challenging puzzles. App <br> SD card supported.

Speedy Fish v1.1.1 55% Speedy Fish v1.1.1

Speedy Fish v1.1.1

Speedy Fish is a simple but very addictive game. Help <br> Speedy wind and protect their environment, polluting the ocean drops to circling around various fungi. Mushrooms are the heart of this fragile ecosystem to be protected. As the level progresses <br>, GE will more and more fungi will attack and increasing the number of drops. You will need to move strategically to swim at different levels makng whether the marine life is well protected. <br> As you accumulate more points you will be able to establish its own aquarium, where fish grow and coexist in peace. <br> can play games for children and adults who enjoy playing with beautiful fish. <br> If you click on the fish, fish Papaya, will surely enjoy Speedy fish.

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